About Company

Our company provides a unique opportunity for passive income on the Internet. Trust management of finances is not available to ordinary investors and, moreover, this business is characterized by a high entry threshold and a strict selection of clients.

Incredible opportunities of co-activated investments of our clients supported by unique technical solutions.

We are leading experts in high-yield digital asset trading. We use reliable, efficient and secure investment solutions. Right now you have a unique opportunity to become a part of our team and dive with us into the world of digital assets.

Officially registered company
Since 2015, SOLJO has evolved from a group of enthusiasts to a global investment group represented in the main centers of the global cryptocurrency business.
Company capital is insured
Forget the risk. Assets of clients and our company are insured in the insurance company "Aviva Insuranse Services" for $25 000 000 in case of force majeure. Your income is guaranteed.
We do not require KYC
All trading operations are executed through verified accounts of our company. You are entitled to remain anonymous for deposits up to $100,000 (Deposits of $100,000 or more require mandatory KYC procedures).
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